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8th 2015
American Toxicology

American Toxicology has a new website.


The ATIResults  website is used only as a login portal for clients. 

5th 2012
Upcoming Holiday Schedule

October 31 - Sahara Location will close at 2:30pm

November 11 - Both Locations will be closed

November 26-27 - Both Locations will be closed

December 24-25 - Both Locations will be closed

17th 2012

Just a reminder our location on 3160 W. Sahara St. A15 Las Vegas, Nevada 89102 (702) 248-2800

  • Monday - Saturday 7:30 am to 9:00 pm
5th 2010
Drug Testing News

In searching around for some useful statistics on drug usage in the workplace I came upon this website Drug Testing News .  Most people wouldn't be interested in this news, however I thought we would post a link to their site for your reference if you were looking for some non-biased information about drug testing. they claim "To provide the most comprehensive source for up-to-date news & information on the drug & alcohol testing industry including legislation, legal issues, business, & technology."


16th 2010
Revised On-Site Services American Toxicology would like to notify you of some guidelines concerning on-site collections.

ATI’s goal is to ensure a high level of service without additional cost to your company.

Please note the following for Probable Case/Post Accident Situations:

·         Inform Donor they will be taking a drug test. (Some quit when notified)

·         Call ATI’s after hours number @ (702) 750-6244 between 5:00 pm to 8:00 am or (702) 452-2730 between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

·         ATI will call your company back once the ATI collector is dispatched.

·         Once ATI’s collector is dispatched the on-site fee will come into effect. Even If the collection is called off.

·         An additional fee will be charged to company if ATI staff are present past the hour allotted. The cost will incorporate a $30 fee for each additional hour the collector is at location. This will not be broken down into minutes. We encourage you to make your employee drink plenty of water.

    Please note the following for scheduled on-sites:

·         Laurie Wright will be your contact for all on-site set ups. You can reach her @ (702) 452-4999 or by E-Mail @

·         Please schedule on-sites 3 to 4 weeks in advance if possible.

·         On-Site fee for Weekends and Holidays is $100.00.

·         Scheduled on-sites will be free of charge when there is 10 or more employees being tested not including Holidays or Weekends. When there is 1-10 being tested a 1 hour time. This will incorporate a 2 hour time period if the total being tested is 11-19. If there is 20 to 45 employee’s being tested you will be allotted a 5 hour time frame. If there are over 50 employees we would be happy to stay with you a whole 8 hour day.

·         An additional fee of $20 will be charged for each additional hour spent past the time frames listed above. ATI will not tolerate any of our employees misusing company time in concern of the collection time frames listed above.      

Many casino properties have in policy the requirement for blood alcohol testing do to union regulations.

Please contact Beau or Ben if you have any questions regarding our services and pricing. If you currently go to Concentra or Fremont Medical you’ll find we will offer a reasonable financial savings.

·         We collect samples on-site after 5:00 pm to 8:00 am for post accident or reasonable suspicion. ATI will also collect samples during business hrs listed below.

·         After hrs on-site Collection fee per onsite $45.00 hours 5:00 pm to 8:00 am.

·         Collection fee during business hours $57.00 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

We encourage those clients that don’t currently incorporate hair testing in there drug testing program to consider its significance. Our data base has shown that many of the potential hires that refuse a hair test with a potential employer find employment with companies that test for urine only. This happens more than you would like to know. ATI is able to see this do to the vast network of companies we test for. Generally, incorporating a hair test with a urine panel is just a few dollars more. Please call us for questions regarding your testing.



28th 2009
Results Within 24 Hours???

Looks like American Toxicology Laboratory is doing pretty good at their 24 hour result turn around time.  Here is the break down for month of July:



Total Samples received in Lab:   2,196

24 Hours:          2,196           100%

48 Hours:                0               0%

72 Hours:                0               0%

>72 Hours:              0               0%



Total Samples  received in Lab:    175

24 Hours:            175          98.29%

48 Hours:               3            1.71%

72 Hours:               0                0%

>72 Hours:             0                0%



Great Job LAB Workers!!!!

22nd 2009
ATI Hair Drug Testing History

My purpose for writing this article is to lay a foundation for American Toxicology’s hair testing and to assist those who are contemplating using hair testing for their workplace drug testing.  Questions often arise about how accurate hair testing is, how save it is and how easy is it to administer.  I hope to satisfactorily answer those questions.

In 1989, I believed in the school of thought that hair testing was too problematic to be used for drug testing in any arena.  I had no personal experience to support my views.  It was all based upon things I read.  There were only a few scientists supporting hair testing at that time.  I was approached by a District Court Judge who wanted to investigate the possibility of using hair testing in child custody cases.  I was performing urine testing at the time for this judge, as well as for other judges, and he said the interest was not just his own.

So I began researching hair testing in my own laboratory, but with a bias against it.  I had been an expert witness for the courts since 1972.  I had been used extensively by the District Attorney’s office and had built up a reputation for being a reliable witness in forensic drug testing in thousands of cases by that time.  Hair testing would have to prove impeccable before I would ever testify to any result coming from it.  At the time, I did not believe this would happen.

As I began the research, I became intrigued right away.  It gave me enough interest to continue on, spending hundreds of hours at a time.  I knew in order to use the test in District Court, a positive result had to be true indication that someone had, without doubt, used drugs.  The test had to know the difference between outside contamination and personal use.  This was especially critical when one spouse used drugs and the other did not.  Also, because in child custody cases one spouse generally knows what the other is doing, the test had to show true negative results.  False negatives would cause as many problems as false positives.  So the research proceeded with this in mind.

After about 18 months of research, I had changed my mind about hair testing.  It was showing to be a true and accurate test.  My main source of hair samples to conduct the research came from known users in Parole and Probation or Methadone Clinics.  I was performing urine drug testing for these organizations at the time. However, in my research, I discovered that marijuana use was not testing accurately.  But the other drugs, or “hard drugs”, were testing very well.  Finally, I was ready to use the hair test I developed in actual cases.  I was personally convicted of its accuracy for the hard drugs.  But I knew it still needed to be tested in court.   Now, it is important at this point for the reader to understand that there is not just one way to perform hair testing.

The method I developed is not the same as the methods used by other hair testing laboratories.  Most publications about hair testing involve methods used for small number of samples.  I developed a method that could handle a large number of samples rapidly.  At the same time, the results had to accurately depict the true drug user.  This required special procedures that remain, to this day, unique to ATI’s hair testing.  At this time there was only one other laboratory in the country that performed hair testing in mass volume.  They had since patented their procedures.  I made certain that the method I developed did not infringe upon their patent rights.  It turned out that I was able to successfully develop a method radically different from theirs.  A patent on this method is pending.

It is important that the reader understand another concept about the development of American Toxicology’s hair testing.  To be tested in District Court in child custody cases is very significant.  We are talking about taking children away from parents.  We are talking about people who have already retained legal counsel.  There is no room for error.  There is also other evidence that corroborates test results that the court sees.  If the hair testing was inaccurate, either to the negative or positive, it would not take long for that to be discovered.  Simply stated, the testing would not survive.

After over a year of using the hair test in District Court in hundreds of cases, not a single test was impeached or declared inaccurate.  It was then that the hair test was introduced into the workplace for pre-employment drug screening.  This was in 1993.  Since then American Toxicology has continued to perform testing for the District Courts, now into the thousands of cases, and still maintains the same record.  Using identical procedures we routinely run workplace hair testing along with court ordered hair testing.

I strongly believe that because American Toxicology hair testing was proven in District Court before being introduced into the workplace, it is ethically a good test and can be used for pre-employment purposes.  The argument against using hair testing for pre-employment has always been that someone unknown is taken off the street and a single test determines if they receive a job.  There is no corroboration from other sources, no judge, no hearing, no sworn testimonies, or any other evidence able to support a positive result.  I believe American Toxicology has overcome this argument by first proving the reliability of its hair test when these elements were available it would be unconscionable for a laboratory to introduce a hair test into the workplace without first proving its reliability.

I hope from what I have presented that those contemplating using hair testing will be convinced that American Toxicology has a reliable hair test.  In addition, because drug testing is all that American Toxicology does, we are deeply concerned about employers or agencies that perform drug testing.  We will help employer to run its drug testing program safely and smoothly in every way we can.  This includes dealing directly with the people who have been tested, if this is desired.

I believe hair testing is the answer to pre-employment drug screening.  It gives a cleaner employee population because the window of detection is longer than with urine.  American Toxicology  uses hair and urine combination, called a profile 100, where the hard drugs are tested in the hair and marijuana is tested in the urine.  This is a good profile and has proved to work very well in all aspects of pre-employment drug screening.  A urine sample also adds forensic integrity to the tests as well as a greater ability to investigate drug usage.  A urine option is also important because some people do not have an adequate hair sample.

By: Dan R Berkabile

10th 2009

A long overdue domain transfer was needed for Long ago, shortly after the internet was invented by Al Gore , someone who worked for American Toxicology decided to set up a website called... you guessed it,  Well that domain name has been active and was hosted by a company based out of Austraillia... So needless to say, it has been a pain getting the domain transferred.  But lucky for American Toxicology, Ben Brown grew up with Al Gore , and was there when Al invented the Internet for the first time. 

Ben has gladly shared his vast knowledge of the internet and SEO (Search Engine Optimization skills, which he accredits to
James Zollman of SEMvironment
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Maybe his SEO knowledge isn't all that awesome, but we sure appriciate all his work on our site. Now that we have the domain name people might have more luck finding us on the internet.

For crying out loud! It's about time Ben! What took you so long?

Thanks for doing that Ben!

2nd 2009
Montana Meth Project

Just stumbled across this the other day while doing some research about meth. Montana just so happens to have a pretty good campaign going to help make kids aware that it only takes one try to get hooked. Nobody can afford to try it just once.

The Meth Project is the largest advertiser in Montana, reaching 70-90% of teens three times a week. This is saturation-level advertising.

The research-based messaging campaign—which graphically portrays the ravages of Meth use through television, radio, billboards, and Internet ads—has gained nationwide attention for its uncompromising approach and demonstrated impact. The campaign's core message, "Not Even Once®," speaks directly to the highly addictive nature of Meth.

To view some of the Montana Meth Project campaign ads click here:Meth Project

1st 2009
Try to Pass our Hair Drug Test along with a few other companies out there claim that they can help you pass your hair follicle drug test. The following is an excerpt from

"Want to know how to pass a hair drug test? While no method is fool proof, the ability to pass a hair drug test is possible."

We at American Toxicology think the shampoo is a joke, and for the record... we have invited several "pass your hair drug test" companies out there to accept our challenge, and NONE have responded.

American Toxicology Inc. gladly welcomes any challenge on any product that claims to be able to mask detection of drugs in your hair drug test.

If you really think your methods will work, send us a sample of your product!

Laboratory "Game Time"
595 East Brooks Ste #313
N. Las Vegas NV 89030

11th 2009
Educational Assistance with Toxicology

American Toxicology continues to offer educational assistance in drug testing and general toxicology to anyone who may need help.  In addition to providing the services, American Toxicology is also interested in eliminating misinformation that could cause serious problems to someone or some agency.  In the past we have had experiences with individuals misinterpreting test results, or making invalid assumptions.  We attempt to explain as much as we can on a per case basis, or in our newsletters, but it is not always possible to foresee every circumstance.  Therefore, we invite anyone involved with drug testing to contact us if they have any questions or concerns.

American Toxicology often retests court ordered blood or urine samples previously tested positive by another lab. In the past, a number of these retests came out negative.  The differences in results are always verified again by another reference lab, so two labs confirm the discrepancy.  Recently, however, we have experienced more of the reverse.  Urine samples or individuals themselves that were previously tested negative by another lab are found to be positive by American Toxicology.  The trend from false positives to false negatives appears to be increasing.

Many companies utilize an Employment Assistance Program (EAP) in dealing with drug abuse.  The more elaborate programs, including counseling, treatment, work assistance, and other features, usually are confined to larger companies.  Small businesses generally approach the problems differently.  Either they simply terminate the employee, or, if the invested interests are important enough to them, they allow opportunity for self rehabilitation.  The employee has to prove he is drug free through testing in order to keep his job, or be reinstated at a later date.  The cost burden may fall on the employee, employer, or be shared.  The employer can also reimburse a successful employee. Because adequate testing to prove an individual is drug free needs to be comprehensive, American toxicology offers a random testing program to defer expenses.  The client comes in two or preferably three times a week and leaves a sample.  American Toxicology then selects only one sample at random to be tested.  The client does not know which sample it will be.  There is only a $5.00 charge to take and hold samples not tested.


The four areas the U.S. is attempting to reduce drug consumption are:

1.       Enforcement

2.       Testing

3.       Education

4.       Treatment

25th 2008
Using a Hair & Urine Test Together

Urine has always been an effective method of drug testing.  However the test typically only reaches as far back as 4 to 6 days.  On the other hand, Hair Testing can detect the past three months and therefore find the consistant drug user who has stopped for a short time to pass the urine test. 

The results below are based on companies of varying sizes and show the difference in the testing of urine and hair.  American Toxicology believes that the best fingerprint of drug use is obtained by testing both hair and urine.  The following illustrates the comparisons between hair and urine testing of four of our clients. 


Company 1:                  # of total tests:           10,558







Company 2:                  # of total tests:             3,953







Company 3:                  # of total tests:               209







Company 4:                  # of total tests:                 52






 Results indicate that hair and urine testing is far superior to urine testing alone in identifying drug users attempting to become employed. Over 2/3 of the applicants testing positive by hair would have passed the urine test and became part of the employee population.  Marijuana is not shown in this example because it is best detected in the urine.  

Because it takes approximately a week for ingested drugs to show up in hair above the scalp, American Toxicology strongly suggests using both urine & hair testing for a complete history of drug usage to help maintain a drug-free work environment.  Studies continue to show that marijuana (THC) is best detected in urine.  THC is a fat soluble drug that stays in the body much longer than any of the hard drugs.  As a result, the body will shed THC for weeks or even months.  Once again, for optimal results American Toxicology strongly recommends a Hair & Urine test for all clients.