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American Toxicology Inc. (ATI), is the ONLY laboratory in Nevada exclusively dedicated to drug testing.  ATI, established in 1982, is the largest privately owned drug testing laboratory in Nevada, offering court-approved drug testing through competent screening and confirmatory technology.  ATI, does 100% of its analysis locally thereby reducing the possibility of loss, delay or misappropriation of specimens.

Our Services

Pre-Employment Screening
Post Accident Testing (24/7)
Probable Cause Testing (24/7)
Random Testing
Out-Patient Testing
24 hour turn around on negative samples
Complete confidentiality (only authorized people receive results)
On-site Drug Collections
Drug Testing Only - Clients wait time for collections is minimal
Medical Review
DATIA Certified

ATI offers affordable drug testing programs with the fastest turnaround times in the industry. ATI also offers expert witnesses in all aspects of drug testing and in the interpretation of drug test results. ATI provides, free of charge, additional analysis and testing interpretation of any client results found to be in question or in need of future inquiry.